Have True Detective Fans Cracked the Central Mystery?


True Detective fans can be very passionate. Just take a look through all the awesome spoofs and tributes that have been produced to see proof of that. That passion also pushes certain fans to try and figure out just what True Detective season two is trying to pull. And it’s possible that they may have figured it out, at least in part.

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We’re going throw up an official spoiler warning at this point. Consider yourself warned!

True Detective fans have been trying to figure out the identity of the crow man (or men) since we first got a glimpse of his mask in the first episode. Now, due to some fancy detective work (ahem) the True Detective community of Reddit may have figured it out. Even if it’s wrong, it’s very impressive.

In episode one of True Detective season two, the killer can be scene for half a second without the mask on. To most people watching the episode normally, it’s imperceptible. But True Detective fans can be a dedicated bunch.

One you see it, it’s difficult to forget. The man’s face can be seen in the upper-right corner. According to this particular fan theory, that may actually be the set photographer that we saw in True Detective’s most recent episode, “Maybe Tomorrow.” Here is a pic of him for comparison:

So, is that our murderer? Maybe, maybe not. The only thing that can be confirmed for sure is that the transporter of Caspere’s body is male. The conspiracies in True Detective run deep, and this season feels like it has more than season one. Of course, all of this could be nonsense and over-analyzation. According to another True Detective fan on Reddit, many True Detective fans can also be overly-obsessive.

Source: Reddit

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