Don’t Expect True Detective at San Diego Comic Con


The 2015 San Diego Comic Con will open its doors for Preview Night this evening. For many, Comic Con is a sort of nerd mecca — especially the San Diego version. The San Diego Comic Con tends to attract much more attention than its other locations, even though New York is quickly gaining on it. Still, both television and movie studios show San Diego the most love.

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With that said, don’t expect to see any True Detective presence in San Diego this year. Not only has season two of True Detective moved away from the cosmic horror teases that made it such a great fit for Comic Con in the past — not that True Detective ever attended — but Nic Pizzolatto is still the same recluse that he’s always been.

There is something about the first season of True Detective that really resonates with the Comic Con crowd that season two doesn’t have. That’s not a negative; True Detective season two still has plenty to offer and the crow men are pretty good hooks.

Even though creator Nic Pizzolatto has professed his love for comics and even sent a comic artist a gift, he hasn’t expressed any interest in bringing True Detective to San Diego Comic Con or any other con. Not to mention the potential logistical problems of getting some of the lead actors to appear, all who are Hollywood mega stars.

There was a point during the first season that True Detective had a choice to embrace the con crowd and made a conscious decision not to do so. In terms of HBO shows, it’s not all that surprising. After all, Game of Thrones is really the only HBO series that has seen some con action. Still, it does feel like somewhat of a missed opportunity for True Detective to not hit up the Comic Con scene.

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