Fantastic Fan-Made True Detective Graphic Site Returns


True Detective can be something of a tricky beast to fully comprehend. There are so many twisting plots and hidden pieces of information that keep everything straight can be challenging. Luckily, the True Detective fanbase has come up with a handsome way around this problem.

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Enter We Keep the Bad Men From the Door. This graphic site popped up during the first season of True Detective. We wrote about it back then and it has finally become relevant to True Detective season two. This valuable resource, run by Nigel Evan Dennis, aims to gather information about True Detective and help keep everything straight.

It’s also impeccably designed.

True Detective season two gets its own site, separate form the first season, called Get the World we Deserve. You can use the site to keep track of all the characters, conspiracies, and the dark heart of Vinci itself.  There’s also a handy countdown until the next episode. We were wondering whether or not Dennis would keep this project going, so we’re very excited to see the end result of his hard work.

In case you feel like supporting Dennis in his endeavors, there is also a store set up filled with hits own True Detective inspired artwork. It continues to amaze us that True Detective fans are this passionate. Also, just as a warning, this is a superb time-sink. You have been warned.

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