Lera Lynn Talks True Detective in new Interview


It’s fair to say that Lera Lynn has a strong presence in True Detective season two. We also know that despite some public outcry most fans are really enjoying her involvement in True Detective. We know that her frequent appearances on the show have stemmed from a collaboration with T. Bone Burnett, but until that’s just about all we had to go on.

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Lera Lynn recently sat down with Glider Magazine and opened up about her involvement in True Detective and what it means for her career. Much like others that have worked on True Detective, Lynn’s popularity has been on the rise. But she says that it’s not so surprising:

"“This is what we’ve been working towards, so it’s a welcome change. Honestly the progress—although it’s undeniable that the reach has increased significantly in a short amount of time—feels natural to me. Maybe that’s just due to the fact that we’ve been working on the True Detective project for a good bit.”"

She doesn’t seem to feel like her rise in popularity has come from nowhere. Even before True Detective Lera Lynn had been slowly building herself up. The bump from True Detective is just the natural culmination in years of work, both solo and on True Detective.

The most interesting bit of the interview, however, is how she actually got involved with True Detective in the first place. True Detective is a seriously secretive project, so anything that peels back the curtain even a little bit is welcome information. Most times, however, it’s no different from a normal business interaction:

"“My manager sent some of my music to T-Bone [Burnett]…She was sending him my music thinking that we would get along well creatively. He was interested in using a song off an EP that I released last year called Lying in the Sun. We had lunch together in Nashville and he kind of told us about the show and then asked if I would be interested in doing some co-writing with him for the show, or just writing in general.”"

And that’s all there really is to it. T. Bone Burnett heard something in Lera Lynn that would fit his vision of the sound of True Detective season two, and so far it would be tough to argue with him. It’s also worth pointing out that she says that she first got involved in True Detective as far back as “October of last year.”

When it comes to hearing more of her music in True Detective, she doesn’t “want to ruin any surprises.” But we know from an interview with T. Bone Burnett that there’s still more to come. We highly recommend reading the entire interview over at Glider, especially if you’re interested in Lera Lynn’s music outside of True Detective. Much like others involved in True Detective, she also sings the praises of creator Nic Pizzolatto

Lera Lynn’s presence on True Detective — and musical involvement — has helped to shake up the formula. And we certainly meant that as a compliment.

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