Poll Results: Fans Really Like Lera Lynn on True Detective


Lera Lynn is a major presence in the second season of True Detective. Besides a musical partnership with T. Bone Burnett, Lera Lynn has also had featured cameos in two out of the three aired episodes so far. She’s practically as important to True Detective as Vince Vaughn or Colin Farrell — she sets the mood and tone.

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For people who aren’t a fan of her sparse folk stylings, that can be a hard pill to swallow. We noticed that fans were divided over Lera Lynn’s presence in True Detective, so we put a poll together to try to find out how fans really feel. It was a little surprising.

According to our poll results, the majority of True Detective fans that voted are fans of Lynn and her music. That’s not just a slight majority either — it’s a landslide. It turns out that the vast majority of True Detective fans are also fans of what Lera Lynn brings to season two. This doesn’t gel with the rumbling that we’ve heard over Facebook or Twitter.

The first season of True Detective didn’t have this same sort of artist collaboration. It’s new ground for True Detective, and it looks as if it was the right thing to do. Lynn recently broke her streak of appearing in True Detective season two, so at least those that aren’t fans got a brief respite.

Those that don’t like her hanging around came in second place, but it wasn’t even a contest. Bringing up third place were people who found her a tad distracting. We place ourselves in the number one spot; what True Detective is trying to do with Lynn is one of the most interesting parts of the season.

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