Dig into the preview for True Detective, “Church in Ruins.”


Last night, the fifth episode of True Detective season two brought us into the second half of the season. All the major plot points were brought into greater focus. and it would appear that True Detective season two is building to a major conflict. The preview for True Detective’s next episode, “Church in Ruins,” promises said conflict.

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The previous episode ended with Ray making a personal call to Frank to confront him about being set-up. “Church in Ruins” will continue that. In fact, the first scene we see is of Ray and Frank sitting down to, let’s say, talk. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that Ray is holding a gun. Anyone want to take bets on whether or not he’ll actually take a shot?

We also see some shots of Ani at the Chessani party. Will this be the episode to showcase that “massive orgy?” That’s it as far as clear, easy to make out scenes go. Paul is there, looking as broody as ever. We also get a quick shot of the bloody chair from the last episode. If last night’s episode brought True Detective another step towards some sort of climax, it would appear that “Church in Ruins” intends to start it.

It’s worth pointing out that next Sunday’s True Detective shares a name with the Lera Lynn song. The song was premiered a few episodes back in typical True Detective and Lera Lynn fashion, so it’s likely that we won’t be hearing it next week. We haven’t yet heard a repeat of a Lera Lynn song.

You can check out the full preview for True Detective season two’s sixth episode below:

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