True Detective posted the new Lera Lynn song to YouTube


Lera Lynn is all over True Detective. This is a great thing if you’re into noir-ish, stark, singer-songwriter material. Not so great if you’re not. The official True Detective account has been posting the full audio of the new songs after every episode, and Sunday’s episode, “Night Finds You,” was no exception.

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The new song, a snippet of which can be heard in the True Detective season two episode itself, is called “A Church in Ruins.” It’s the darkest song we’ve heard so far, which is saying something since there is also a song titled “This is My Least Favorite Life.”

All of the True Detective Lera Lynn songs we’ve heard so far have been of the dark-folk variety, and they’ve gone a long way in contributing to the overall tone of the season. The work of Lera Lynn and T. Bone Burnett has been showcased on both episodes of True Detective, an it’s likely that this trend will continue.

The first Lera Lynn song that fans were treated to, “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For” featured in the first True Detective season two trailer. We haven’t heard it since. It’s possible that it will make its debut in an especially dramatic bar scene.

Some fans were a little bummed that “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For” wasn’t featured as the opening song, and so we not have a fan-made version to rectify that. You can listen to the entire new Lera Lynn song, “A Church in Ruins” below.

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