Will Lera Lynn Have a Larger Role on True Detective?


True Detective season two has somehow become even more complex than season one. There are so many characters to keep track of, various conspiracies operating in the background, and personal issues in spades. There’s also Lera Lynn.

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The much-loved Lera Lynn is a huge part of True Detective season two, but a mysterious one. Lera Lynn has appeared in all but a single episode of season two so far, premiering a new song from the soundtrack each time she does. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, T. Bone Burnett talked about Lynn’s role on the show.

But could there be more to it than that?

Lynn has always operated in the background, soundtracking the various meetings between characters that take place at the bar. No character is ever seen interacting with her; she is practically invisible. But there’s no reason that it will stay that way. True Detective season two is now in its second half, and with all the pieces coming together it would be an opportune time to do something more with Lynn’s character.

But for it to work, it would have to be something simple. Giving Lera Lynn any major plot movement at this point would feel a little forced, and maybe even a little cheesy. Seeing her interact with any of the main characters in the right way could bring a sense of closure to True Detective season two, and could even legitimize her presence a bit more on the show.

Lynn’s first appearance was a tad on the gimmicky side, but somehow she’s become a force all her own. It wouldn’t be a bad decision to have her fade out as the show ended, never to have played a more significant role. Still, there’s potential there for something greater.

Here’s the audio of Lera Lynn performing “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For:”

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