Vince Vaughn Joining Mel Gibson’s WWII Drama


Running up the premiere of True Detective season two, Vince Vaughn was going around promoting his then-upcoming Unfinished Business. Many media outlets took the opportunity to also grill Vaughn about what could be expected in True Detective season two, but even though he couldn’t talk about it at the time, he did talk about his past as a dramatic actor.

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Coupled with a change of representation, it appeared that Vince Vaughn was looking to move away from the comedy movies that he’s long be associated with. Which isn’t such a bad thing, since his last one was a complete flop. Now Deadline is reporting that Vince Vaughn is signing on to Hacksaw Ridge, a WWII drama from Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson may not have the greatest reputation anymore, but either way it seems that Vince Vaughn is actively looking to branch out. His work in True Detective season two as Frank Semyon, while uneven at first, has become a highlight. The film will be based on a the true story of the first Conscientious Objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor, and Vince Vaughn will star alongside Andrew Garfield.

According to IMDB — which is not always solid — Vince Vaughn’s Term Life is set to come out this year, making this year and the next couple as a definite return to Vaughn’s dramatic roots. Perhaps Vince Vaughn’s other True Detective co-stars will be looking to make similar changes.

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