Poll: Is True Detective Season Two that Hard to Follow?


True Detective has always been a complex show, but season two has taken it up a notch. There are so many loose threads in True Detective’s second season that it’s difficult to believe that they can all be wrapped up in one last episode. At least there will be less to take care of last Sunday’s episode, right?

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Our polls are frequently inspired by fan feedback that we’ve heard on either Twitter or Facebook, but this time we’re taking our inspiration from The AV Club. The AV Club reported a fun fan-made char that was created to keep everything straight. Except it’s a joke and the one thing tying every piece of info together is “No one cares.”

But still, it got us thinking. Is the second season of True Detective actually that hard to follow? We’ve had some trouble along the way, but it’s a complaint that we haven’t really picked up on from the fans. Usually we just see other media outlets complain about True Detective’s winding corridors. We’d like to take your opinion, the actual fans of True Detective, and find out what the general consensus is out there. How confusing is True Detective season two?

You can find our poll below, and we’ll be leaving it open until after the season finale. Granted, the last episode of True Detective season two could shed some light on many parts of True Detective that haven’t been wrapped up. But we’re doubtful.

As per usual, we’ll report on the results next week after the poll closes.

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