Spouting Random True Detective Season Two Dialogue Doesn’t Work Out so Well (Video)


In what’s quickly becoming a theme, we have another instance of fan reaction to the dialogue of True Detective season two. This time, however, a guy goes around New York spouting random lines of dialogue from season two and elicit a reaction. As you can imagine, sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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The writing in True Detective, particularly the dialogue, can be a bit dodgy at times. Sometimes it feels as if the characters are just waiting that perfect opportunity to blurt out that the quasi-philosophical line that they’ve been chewing on. Again, sometimes it lands and sometimes it doesn’t. Although we can mostly agree that the dialogue of True Detective can veer into self-parody, this good-natured clip doesn’t particularly prove that.

Going up to strangers and quoting random lines from any show will be met with confusion. Said out of context, almost anything can sound ridiculous. So while we appreciate the effort here to show just how odd True Detective’s dialogue can be at times, it doesn’t really hit that sweet spot. Still, it’s good for a laugh and perfect for a Friday afternoon.

You can watch the clip below, titled “Strangers React to Bad True Detective Lines” and brought to us from Late Night Basement. The title obviously shows the bias here, but it’s still worth the less than two minutes to check out. For what it’s worth, our favorite is that guy taking the line about not becoming an astronaut seriously. That dude’s just trying to help.

Via: Gothamist

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