Poll Results: Is True Detective Season Two Confusing?


The final episode of True Detective’s second season, “Omega Station,” aired on Sunday night and did an admirable job of closing out all of the lingering plot lines. Whether it was truly satisfying from a storytelling perspective is another matter, and not what we’re here for right now. What we are here for is to talk about our most recent poll, in which we asked fans to vote on True Detective’s comprehensibility.

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Let’s say, to start, that the results are quite interesting.

Taking the top prize is an emphatic “Yes!” This mirrors comments that we started seeing on Facebook and Twitter after the poll went up. So, yes, to settle the discussion on a very surface level, most people agree that True Detective season two is far too confusing. But it’s not a landslide. Far from it, in fact. Coming in a very close second place is the general “no, but it could use some trimming.” That means that many fans feel like they have a firm grasp of what’s going on.

In third and fourth place we have “yes, but it’s a bit confusing” followed by those that understood it all. Is it possible that the various blogs out there just latched onto the “True Detective is so confusing!” train? Definitely, but that doesn’t mean it’s without merit. Most fans still find season two to be on the confusing side, but just barely (according to our results.)

It’s also worth mentioning that most of the votes came in before the finale aired, so most people had already made up their minds before seeing how it all ended. For what it’s worth, we’d probably say that True Detective season two is not easy to follow, but the general plot is understandable.

Just our two cents.

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