Watch True Detective Season Two in Two Minutes, Just Because. (Video)


It wouldn’t be too bold to say that right now it’s fashionable to dislike True Detective season two. Not that there’s no merit to that line of thinking; season two had some questionable dialogue and plot-lines Most fans that we polled recently found season two to be overly complicated, but plenty had no problem following it all.

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Enter this video from Deadspin, which offers up the entire second season of True Detective in a single two-minute clip. There’s no dialogue or music, just the occasional mouth noise. Listening to it with headphones on, it’s obvious that some noise were inserted to make things even more awkward. In case you wanted to re-live all those brooding looks and stares, now is your chance.

Deadspin calls season two “absurd,” and that this clip is “all you really need to know.” That’s worth keeping in mind. The clip is good for a couple of chuckles, and at the very least sucks some of the super-serious dark tone out of it, which some would consider necessary. True Detective hit some major bumps in its second season, but time may prove to be kind to it. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

You can watch the clip below:

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