It Turns Out that Much of the Driving in True Detective Season Two Makes no Sense


Have you ever felt like being a detective? Well, you can get one step closer be tracking the driving routes of True Detective’s main character. For some reason. It turns out that when real-world rules are applied to True Detective, the driving is just one thing that doesn’t work out so well. Almost like many other series and movies. But that’s neither here nor there.

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Wired, for, we guess, fun, (masochism would also work) took the time to map out all of the driving done in season two of True Detective. Basically they are “absurd distances” done in very little time. Each episode and all of its car travel is mapped out in impressive detail. Some days fare better than others, but each one is implausible.

For example, Ani’s drive to talk with her father in the first episode is logistically possible, but not likely. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. Paul’s hangover tour was also scrutinized to this degree a few weeks back.

The detectives sometimes drive upwards of 400 miles in real-world distance, but of course it only takes an hour or less of True Detective time to cover that distance. The best part, however, is Wired’s exasperation with the whole affair. At one point the author says “At this point I don’t even care what the answers are, or if there are any at all.” There aren’t any, of course.

The entire piece is a hefty read, so be prepared to invest. That is assuming that you care about how True Detective handles travel. We can’t really say that we do, but it’s funny to see how ridiculous it all is when put through the lens of the real world.

Via: The A.V. Club

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