Ray’s Fate was Foretold in an Earlier Episode of True Detective


In case it wasn’t already clear, this post will contain heavy spoilers for True Detective season two.

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Not many people made it out of True Detective okay, and those that did will be forever damaged. Although our reward for the best death scene goes to Frank’s hallucinatory death march through the desert, Ray’s was arguably more brutal. And we also knew it was coming.

Earlier in the season, when Ray is shot by the crow man, he has an extremely David Lynch-esque dream sequence that takes place in the bar. His father tells was appears to be a riddle, but is actually his fate. YouTube user and True Detective fan Hawkward edited the two scenes together to make this easier to follow.

Ray’s father tells him that he is small and surrounded by trees, ending with him being shot full of holes. This is exactly how Ray dies, being pursued by Burris’ men through the forest. While it’s interesting to see the literal manifestation of that dream sequence, it doesn’t exactly fit True Detective all that well. Since Nic Pizzolatto has chosen to eschew all supernatural elements from True Detective, the fact that Ray’s death was revealed in the series through a Twin Peaks fever dream doesn’t gel with the rest of the series.

It’s really the only hint of otherworldly-ness that we see during season two, and because of that it sticks out. Because it’s so spread out it isn’t all that distracting until you look back at it. Still, it’s interesting to see how it all comes together, isn’t it?

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