Can True Detective Season Two Make it to the Emmy’s?


Emmy season is almost here, but that’s not a concern for True Detective and HBO. True Detective is not eligible for the 2015 Emmy’s, so it will have to wait a year until it gets a shot. But could it be considered Emmy worthy? The first season of True Detective received some nominations and wins, but Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were snubbed. Not just at the Emmy’s, but across many of the numerous award shows.

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True Detective season two has a few roadblocks in its way to Emmy gold next year, and there’s no easy way around either of them. One is the writing, which frequently confused viewers and left many cold. Another is public perception, which has tanked so hard it’s not even funny. Though season two still did pretty well in the ratings department.

Like all award shows, the Emmy’s are at least a semi-popularity contest. True Detective season is not very popular, but that could change in a year’s time. Season two could easily nab some nominations for its title sequence and direction of the final episode. The finale, “Omega Station,” featured some of the best directing of the season and could likely hold its own among other series. Writing is another issue.

When it comes to individual acting nominations, well, that could be tough. Pizzolatto’s writing this season has been all over the place, and that has a serious effect on how the actors are perceived. We could at least foresee possible nominations for Rachel McAdams and perhaps Colin Farrell. Committing to anyone else would require some serious thought.

The playing field will be rough, to say the least.

That’s not even taking into account the possible competition. The second season of Fargo will be eligible by then, as will Mr. Robot, which has been incredibly well-received. The playing field will be rough, to say the least. Still, if True Detective doesn’t at least get recognition for its opening it would be a shame. For right now, however, all True Detective fans and HBO can do is sit and wait.

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