Fan Art: The Last Supper of True Detective (Picture)


True Detective may not be doing so well as before, critically speaking, but don’t let that get you down. There are still fans out there creating awesome tributes, and that’s not likely to change. When it comes to creating evocative True Detective artwork, this may be the best one we’ve seen so far. Thanks to a fan over at Reddit’s fantastic True Detective community, we now have a re-imaging of The Last Supper with Rust, Frank, and Ray.

How rude is it of Rust to not bring beer for anyone else?

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It’s likely that Rust would drive the two of them crazy, but that’s not really the point. Frank and Ray on opposites sides of the table clothed in darkness with Rust as the only clear figure is something else. Especially when one stops to consider that Rust is True Detective’s fount of pessimism, a philosophy which is given life in season two. And of course he has his Big Hug Mug.

It’s almost a shame that there aren’t more characters represented to here to help fill out the tale a little bit. Who would deserve a seat? Certainly Ani Bezzerides, and perhaps Paul. How about Marty? You could go deep with it and include Maggie Hart.

Now that the season is over, hopefully we’ll be seeing an abundance of True Detective fan art. The community has proven to be very creative in the past, and we’re psyched to see what they can deliver this time around.

Via: Reddit

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