True Detective can Recover from Season Two


True Detective season two was not like season one. It was more complicated, darker, and it generally demanded more from the viewer. It was also a little too clunky, unfocused, and had something of a dialogue problem. Or maybe just a Nic Pizzolatto problem, depending on how you wanted to phrase it.

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Right now, season two is not enjoying the same time in the sun that the first season did after it wrapped. That, however, does not mean that True Detective is over. Coming after Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, season two was always going to have a difficult time. Now we can look ahead to season three, which has a good chance of getting everything back on track.

The only thing that season three has to do is be better than season two.

Season three will be far enough removed from season one that it should be able to stand on its own two legs a bit more that season two. Not only that, but there is rumored to be a huge location change to EuropeTrue Detective’s second season was not bad, but it was misguided and harshly judged. A new life in a new city, far away from California or Louisiana, would do it some good.

The only thing that season three has to do is be better than season three. Now, being actually better and being perceived as better are not the same thing. That’s a fine line that we won’t really be able to analyze until season three is actually on screens. Still, the future of True Detective is bright and has perhaps never been brighter.

With season one no longer hovering in everyone’s minds, True Detective has the best chance to succeed in season three. Take into account the lowered expectations from a disappointing second season and it’s practically Pizzolatto’s game to win. True Detective needed to go through the growing pains of the second season two spread its wings in season three.

It’s too bad that we’ll likely be waiting a long while until we get to see it.

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