Poll: Were You Satisfied with True Detective’s Ending?


True Detective has been over for almost three weeks now, and that should be enough time for most to decide just how they felt about it. Many outlets have already made it perfectly clear that season two didn’t scratch the same itch as season one, and some fans also agree. We had plenty of issues with season two, but mostly agree that there’s a good show in there.

But how do you feel?

Instead of focusing on the season as whole, we just want to know if season two presented a satisfying conclusion. Were all of the questions answered? Did it wrap up in a way that stayed true to the rest of the season? These are questions worth considering. True Detective season two will surely be remembered as True Detective’s most controversial season. It’s easy to see the general consensus by reading other media outlets, but it’s been a bit of a different story when talking to fans directly.

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There are few people out there that would probably call True Detective season two perfect, or even better than the first. Plenty of fans have shown their support for True Detective on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, but is that just a vocal minority?

To get to the heart of the matter, we offer up a new poll which can be found below. The poll will be up now until the the end of the week, and we wold like as many people as possible to vote. It’s been long enough now that most will already know what their answer will be without even thinking about it.

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