When Will We Learn More About True Detective’s Renewal?


True Detective has been off the air for a couple of weeks now, but we’ve already been looking ahead to season three. We’ve had a few rumors that came in rather quickly, but none of them talk about the possibility of renewal. It’s all well and good to get excited for a version of True Detective even further removed from the shadow of season one, but is it wise to get too excited so quickly?

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HBO has not yet commented on the renewal of True Detective, so season three doesn’t yet officially exist. There is some compelling evidence out there that makes us fairly certain that True Detective will live on in season three, including HBO’s Michael Lombardo saying how excited and open he is to a third season. Since that quote HBO hasn’t said anymore on the subject, but casting rumors have begun.

When it comes to huge properties, HBO never really sits on their hands. It’s a foregone conclusion that Game of Thrones will continued to be renewed until its finished, but they’ve usually been quick to announce the next season in the past. In the case of dramas like True Detective and The Leftovers, HBO tends to take their time.

There’s not really any reason yet to believe that True Detective won’t be back.

That’s probably in True Detective’s best interest, as opinions on season two will likely mellow after some time has passed. It’s possible that HBO doesn’t want a renewal announcement to rub up too closely to the end of season two. There’s also Nic Pizzolatto to consider. A renewal announcement would likely shine some light on him, and now that season two is over that’s likely something he would prefer to avoid. A session of fan Q&A was the most open and social he’d been the fanbase in, well, ever.

It’s never a bad thing to be cautiously optimistic. As usual, HBO will announce the fate of True Detective when they and Pizzolatto are good and ready. Still, there’s not really any reason yet to believe that True Detective won’t be back. It’s all just a mater of when.

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