Watch a Fan’s Video Essay on True Detective Season Two (Video)


Nearly three weeks have passed since True Detective season two wrapped up, and fans continue to respond with reviews and reconsiderations that set the show in a new light. We saw one last week in Seasoned Reviews’ animated assessment of True Detective, a silly and comical review that does a great job in capturing what many of us felt watching True Detective season two. This week’s actually comes in the form of a video essay from Nelson Carvajal, a Digital Filmmaker and Video Artist at Bridgework Pictures.

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Titled “Pathways and Pathos: The Internalization of True Detective Season 2,” Nelson Carvajal provides a thoughtful and well-edited examination of two visual themes rooted deeply in the sophomore run. He sets the stunning aerial views of highways and urban vistas to “Dead Things” by Phillip Glass and splices in “Song for Bob” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis during the more poignant glimpses of character.

Not to be confused, by the way, with the song that can be found on the True Detective season two (it might as well be,) soundtrack.

The result is an artful reconstruction of some of True Detective season two’s finest moments, those rare nexus points where intent and result meet to spectacular effect. Carvajal finds those moments and strings them together in such a way that we cannot help but reassess; to see beauty in what many deemed ugly, and we’re all for that.

You can watch the video below.

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