Fans are Ready to Move on to True Detective Season Three


We’re still trying to fully digest True Detective season two, but many fans on social media have made it perfectly clear that they’re ready move to move on. Using the hashtag “TrueDetectiveseason3” on Twitter shows an impressive amount of fans suggesting leads for True Detective season three. There are a mix of serious and joke suggestions, our favorite being “Owen Wilson and a durian.”

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It’s great to see the fanbase ready to embrace True Detective season three after season two received a bit of beating from critics. Although it has not yet officially been renewed for a third reason, it is pretty much a forgone conclusion. Even though True Detective will be keeping the same creative team — it’s unlikely that Nic Pizzolatto will hire a writing team — season three will be another reset.

Didn’t like some aspects of season two? True Detective season three may be able to fix that. That’s part of what makes this show so interesting to watch and track. As a true anthology series, each season is different. It inevitably means far more work for those behind the scenes, but the fans at least get something new each time.

We don’t have many rumors to go on just yet, but that will change given more time. Part of the fun of going into a new season is looking at all the potential casting and directing choices out there. Honestly, though, we’re not sure that any can top the star power of the durian fruit. If you have any better suggestions, you’re more than welcome to share.

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