Cracked Found a Use for Questionable True Detective Dialogue


There were a few issues sprinkled throughout True Detective’s second season. Depending on who you ask, there may have been more than others. Maybe the issues were enough for some people to swear off the rest of the season, or perhaps some resorted to hate watching. Although the media and fans are divided on where, exactly, True Detective season two stands, most can agree on a single issue — sometimes the dialogue was atrocious.

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This is a problem that we’ve looked at in the past. Since True Detective season two took itself so deadly serious, some lines just didn’t land or were unintentionally funny. Sometimes the lines that were meant to have a bit of humor in them also didn’t land. Cracked has gone and found a use for some of the worst offenders, transplanting them into movies where they’d perhaps work a little better.

And it actually works out pretty well.

In one example we have Chewbaca and Han Solo from the Star WarsThe Force Awakens trailer:

See, now that works. Other examples include Inside Out, Jurassic World, and Magic Mike. The best one comes in at number one and involves The Lego Movie. We won’t spoil the rest. There’s nothing wrong with poking a little fun at True Detective’s missteps. In fact, we support it. Since there’s no room for humor in the actual show, why not inject some by subverting it?

You can check out the entire list over at Cracked. Trust us, there are much worse ways to kill a few minutes on a Friday evening.

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