Is True Detective Season Two Already on the Rebound?


True Detective season two didn’t exactly garner very much critical acclaim. Coupled with it being in vogue to dislike season two, there haven’t been very many publications out there willing to go to bat for True Detective. While that may not matter very much in the long-run, it has certainly put a wet towel on True Detective’s hype for the time being.

But there may be a change coming much sooner than expected.

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There are still plenty of bad reviews of True Detective season two, some harsher than others, but there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. For example, Huffington Post published a post in defense of season two. We haven’t seen very many of those, but it could be that we’ll be seeing more and more. The author doesn’t believe that season two is a perfect entity, pointing out the orgy scene in particular as being a low point.

She professes to love the show anyway. With how the wind has been blowing, that’s something of a bold opinion.

Now that summer is ending, many are moving onto other shows. With critical eyes wandering away from True Detective, it will become easier to revisit season two or view it in a new light. Admittedly we thought that this wouldn’t happen for months, but still believed it eventually inevitable. By the time season three rolls around, True Detective season two may be viewed as almost an entirely different show.

It’s incredible what a little time out of the spotlight can accomplish. It’s doubtful that season two will ever be seen as being greater or even on par with season one (it’s not) but words like “misunderstood” will pop up in new reviews sooner or later. For those that enjoyed season two from the get-go, your time to shine is almost there.

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