Watch Colin Farrell Try to Avoid Becoming a Lobster (Video)


The first season of True Detective gave career bumps to several of its actors. Matthew McConaughey and Alexandra Daddario immediately come to mind. Season two, however, hasn’t yet shown us which way the wind will blow. True Detective season two featured a fantastic turn by Rachel McAdams and a return to dramatic form for Vince Vaughn. But what about Colin Farrell?

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Colin Farrell, before becoming a wizard, will try his hardest to not become a lobster. Sporting a True Detective-esque mustache, a slightly chubby Colin Farrell has the choice in the post-apocalyptic The Lobster to either find true love or become an animal — literally. For some reason. The film premiered at Cannes to some acclaim, as the trailer will tell you. It now has a new trailer approved for public consumption.

The thing about Colin Farrell is that he has a reputation for not only being a major star, but for also playing smaller, quirky, independent roles in films such as Seven Psychopaths and In Bruges. Even though he arguably played the main character in True Detective, his career has been varied enough that it doesn’t necessarily need a bump. Not that he would necessarily get one anyway due to season two’s reception.

You can check out the delightfully odd trailer for The Lobster below. You can then ponder why, of all the animals of the earth, Farrell would choose to become a lobster in the first place.

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