More Bloggers Come to the Defense of True Detective Season Two


In our most recent (and popular) poll, True Detective fans let us know that the season two finale hit just about all the right spots. That doesn’t meant that public opinion has suddenly changed. A quick glance at True Detective season two’s IMDB page shows season two sitting at 61, which apparently indicates “generally favorable reviews.” Considering the vitriol for True Detective that we’ve seen, that’s actually not so bad.

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Even though it’s been something of a feeding frenzy around True Detective, some bloggers have started to voice their support of the season. The Heights is the newest outlet to say that season two wasn’t a disaster and even brings up the fact that season one was also slow to get going. This isn’t something that we saw much of while the season was airing, but now that it’s over we’re seeing it more and more.

Most media outlets have moved on to other shows, such as USA’s Mr. Robot — which is crazy good. The way is now clear for more fans and casual viewers to show their support for True Detective’s beleaguered second season. Television taste is entirely subjective, and some of the criticism that has been lobbed at season two has been deserved.

Of course, it does help if you’ve actually seen it.

For a while, it was in vogue to mock True Detective  We get it; it was the flavor of the week. Or season. Hopefully now that it’s dying down it will give viewers a push to revisit season two away from the media pressure. There’s good stuff in there, it just requires a little work to get to it. And that, in its own right, is also a criticism.

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