Its Happened: True Detective’s Everybody Loves Raymond Velcoro is Here (Video)


True Detective season two is so dark, so pessimistic, that it’s like the world that Rust Cohle describes in season one come to life. That level of seriousness also lends itself to parody almost naturally. It practically begs for it, if for no other reason that to just lighten the mood a little bit. We’ve already seen one take on the True Detective season two sitcom, but this is on a whole other level.

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Brought to you by Nacho Punch, season two of True Detective has now been given the full-on sitcom treatment. It is, even just going by the name alone, a take on Everybody Loves Raymond. In “Everybody Loves Raymond Velcoro,” Ray is a drug-addicted crooked cop just trying to get through the day. It also features Frank in the Robert Barone role.

Heads up, it contains some heavy spoilers. By this point, however, you might be wandering into “it’s your own fault” territory by not having already seen the season two finale. You know, not that we’re here to judge if you fall into that particular category. If you’ve ever wanted to see Ray and Frank as a couple of lovable lugs, now is your chance. Their failures are here for your pleasure.

You can check out the clip below, which may run a little on the long side for some. Still, we recommend this as a safe and effective way to kill five minutes on a Friday afternoon.

This video may contain explicit language

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