This is the Best Fan-Made True Detective Trailer We’ve Ever Seen (Video)


We see a lot of fan art and tribute videos every week. The best, perhaps unsurprisingly, are the ones that show real passion for True Detective. Fan creations such as the True Detective season one intro re-created in Grand Theft Auto V or art of an awkward-looking Last Supper are some of the best the fandom has so far created. As of today, we can add another notch to that particular belt.

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YouTube user Walt Wishmaster submitted to us his own True Detective tribute, and it’s among the best that we’ve seen so far. This clip acts as both tribute and trailer for the entire series — hence the above title. The clip combines scenes and dialogue form both seasons of True Detective. The majority of the trailer is narrated by Rust’s unique philosophy, but Ray gets a few words in near the end.

We see some of the best moments of both seasons, including pieces of Rust’s famous escape in “Who Goes There?” and Ray’s emotional drug-fueled breakdown in season two. It presents True Detective as a dark, emotional creature that’s driven by the characters instead of guided by the mystery. The addition of Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” acts as the icing on the cake.

While other characters such as Marty and Frank are represented, the video is predominately driven by Rust and Ray. We’ve argued in the past that Ray is the actual main character of season two, so it makes sense here to see him presented as that season’s main force here.

You can check out the clip below

Thanks to Walter White Chiorino

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