True Detective Executive Producers to Take on Catch-22


The web of True Detective connected shows is about to get a little wider.

According to The Telegraph, Catch-22 next up on the True Detective producer’s list. The production company Passenger will be heading up the adaptation which will be a mini-series. Anonymous Content, those other True Detective producers, are behind The Knick, which stars Clive Owen. It’s early days for this particular adaptation of Catch-22, so there is no cast information just yet.

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The plan right now is to adapt the Joseph Heller novel into a series worthy of its source material. Boss of Passenger, Richard Brown, doesn’t really have any solid details yet, saying that “it’s still being written… who knows when it comes out or how long it will be…” This will be the first major push to get Catch-22 on television since 1973, and it’s likely that Passenger will have more success than that ill-fated adaptation.

Although there is reason to be excited for this project, there’s no real reason to think that it will be much like True Detective. The creative team behind True Detective won’t be along for the ride. It will be directed by David Michôd, director of the 2010 indie film Animal Kingdom and writer of Hesher. Catch-22 is one of those great American novels that has proven difficult to properly adapt, so hopefully this version will be able to bring something new to the table and prove its worth.

There are no other details yet to share, so this could be a long way off. Probably enough time to forget about it and re-discover it all over again. Just saying. For fans jonesing for more True Detective related fair, last Sunday’s Emmy’s had a few things to bring to the table.

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