True Detective was the Punch-Line at Last Night’s Emmy Awards


The 2015 Emmy Awards were last night, and it was quite a show. Andy Samberg hosted, and Game of Thrones took home a record number of wins. True Detective, however, was not present. That was no surprise, as we knew all along that True Detective wouldn’t be showing up at this year’s ceremony. That didn’t mean that it was entirely absent, though.

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Samberg took a fair number of pot-shots at True Detective season two, some that landed and some that didn’t. It was indicative of the general attitude that still pervades the majority of the media, even though the tides have slowly been changing. Still, you have to give him props for chasing it so hard.

The best moment was when Samberg introduced “the guitar player from True Detective,” and showed a depressed looking woman strumming a single chord. Not bad. Obviously that was a jab at Lera Lynn, whose presence pervaded True Detective’s second season. We polled the fanbase not too long ago, and even if Lynn represents an easy target, most fans were, in turn, fans of her.

It was easy to take so many shots at True Detective because it was ineligible this year. That, and it’s just low-hanging fruit. It would be interesting to see if Sandberg’s jokes were enough to steer people away from True Detective that haven’t seen it yet. The jokes seemed to get some laughs, but it’s difficult to judge a room when you’re not siting in it.

If nothing else, making True Detective the but of so many jokes proved to us that most people may not be ready to accept season two just yet. It’s going to take a bit more time for people to take season two seriously. You can watch Andy Samberg’s opening skit below, in which he attempts to tackle a problem that we all have:

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