True Detective Actors as Superheroes, Because Why Not?


We’ve gone back a few steps when it comes to public perception of True Detective season two. You can thank last Sunday’s Emmy awards for that one. But do you know what pretty much everyone likes? Superhero movies. Superhero movies are huge. Even Rachel McAdams is joining the Marvel money-printing machine. 

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Enter Movie Pilot, which has seen fit to match True Detective actors with the heroes and villains they’d fit best. Why? Because it’s the internet. The article limits itself to season two, so don’t expect to see which superhero Matthew McConuaghey would be. Not that such a thing isn’t an actual possibility sometime in the future.

The original article was written before it was announced that Rachel McAdams would be in Dr. Strange, just to give a frame of reference.

It would help to have a working knowledge of the Marvel and DC universe, but it’s not entirely necessary. Christopher Baker (Blake,) for example, would make a fine Riddler due to his arrogance. On the slightly more unknown side, Ritchie Coster (Mayor Chessani,) would work well as Victor Zsaz because of his past villain work and he was in The Dark Knight.

Superhero movies are so huge that it’s not out of the realm of possibility to actually see some of these actors in one at some point in the not-so-distant future. Until then, it’s up to us to play pretend. And don’t worry, Vince Vaughn ends up on the villain side.

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