Rachel McAdams Confirms Herself for Marvel’s Doctor Strange


Isn’t a great when a rumor turns out to be true?

That’s the case with this particular rumor that we’ve been following, anyway. Not that long ago we caught wind of the possibility of Rachel McAdams branching out into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Doctor Strange. It wouldn’t be a huge change for McAdams, as the Marvel movies tend to walk the line between action, comedy, and drama.

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According to herself in a statement to The Wrap, she has officially joined up with Doctor Strange. Her role is not yet known, but since the movie doesn’t come out until November of 2016 there is plenty of time to tease that out. Marvel could offer a very comfortable place for Rachel McAdams, even though she doesn’t have much action movie experience.

That didn’t exactly stop Scarlett Johanson taking on the role of Black Widow, but we don’t know if McAdam’s part will be quite that action oriented.

She’s apparently been in talks with Marvel since July. This could indicate a career shift, not unlike what Vince Vaughn is currently up to. The Marvel movies tend to not take themselves too seriously, which is part of their appeal. McAdams, with her background in mostly romantic comedy, could do very well here.

We’ll be waiting over a year into we know for sure, but there’s not much worry. You can see her confirm the role for yourself below in a short interview clip at the Toronto Film Festival:

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