Marty’s Daughter From True Detective Season One is Moving Into Horror


For some reason, it’s easily to forget that Marty actually has a family in True Detective’s first season. The Hart family is at the center of his personal issues, but when looking back at the season now that aspect doesn’t feel like it comes through all that well. Does anyone else get that? Regardless, Marty had two daughters in the first season, and one of them is about to move on to a well-known horror franchise.

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Madison Wolfe, who played Marty’s younger daughter, Audrey Hart, will star in The Conjuring 2 according to The Hollywood Reporter. The real friction in season one comes from Marty’s older, rebellious daughter, but Wolfe still had a role to play. While this is the first time that Wolfe has popped up on our radar since True Detective’s first season ended, she has by no means been slacking off.

According to her IMDB profile, Wolfe has five projects in production and she was on several episodes of both The Astronaut Wives Club and Zoo. Talking about the season one’s child actors actually puts the spotlight back on season two for its complete lack of stable family life. To be fair, that was actually one of the many themes that season two attempted to tackle.

Fans of The Conjuring series will now have a True Detective alumnus to look forward to. Oh, and also scary ghosts and all that jazz. But that one was a given.

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