Tom Hanks Outs Himself as True Detective Fan on Reddit (Video)


Is it no longer cool to like True Detective? Or when you’re having a conversation with someone about True Detective, do you have to make sure to specify “the first season only?” Well, it’s certainly not considered the norm to give any sort of praise to season two. Season one, however, is totally still up for grabs.

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Tom Hanks, actor extraordinaire, recently took to Reddit to talk about a number of things. He popped in to random topics, one of which was “What’s your favorite theme song from a TV show?” Hanks threw his weight behind “Far From Any Road,” the theme from True Detective’s first season, adding “I can’t get it out of my soul!” If that’s not a major endorsement, what is?

This isn’t the first time that we’ve discussed how various celebrities feel about True Detective. Quentin Tarantino hates it, though he also admitted to never watching it. Owen Wilson didn’t see season two, but gave his support to Vince Vaughn’s switch to drama anyway. Granted, the majority of the recent talk has been about season two. Just about everyone agrees that season one brought something special to the table.

In case you’re baffled by Tom Hanks mingling with “normies,” well, Reddit is just that kind of place. It would be interesting to learn what Hanks thought about season two, but we might have to wait for another random pop-in to learn that.

Below, watch a clip of Tom Hanks performing a slam poem on Jimmy Fallon.

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