Owen Wilson Supports Vince Vaughn’s Return to Drama in True Detective


No, you didn’t miss anything: Owen Wilson has never been in True Detective. Nor, however, has he actually watched it. Still, unlike a certain major director, he doesn’t make any snap judgements. In a new interview with Digital Spy promoting his turn as an action man, No Escape, Wilson was asked what he thought of Vince Vaughn’s turn as a dramatic actor in True Detective. Even though he hasn’t watched season two of True Detective, he’s supportive of the career move:

"“It’s not surprising to me to imagine Vince being great in a serious role, because that’s what he’s doing in some of his early movies. Return to Paradise, he’s great in with Joaquin Phoenix and his persona in real life is… he’s entertaining and funny, but he’s not like a stand-up comedian desperately trying to make people laugh. It’s on his own terms, and that can work well with comedy but also with drama.”"

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It’s true, Vince Vaughn has turned in some worthy dramatic performances before. Even in True Detective, Vaughn proved that he is still capable of taking a stab at dramatic work and it’s something he’s going to continue pursuing, at least in the immediate future. Some of the issues with Vaughn as Frank Semyon come more from the writing side than the acting side. Nic Pizzolatto frequently used Frank for this season’s philosophical mouth-piece, and that didn’t always work as intended.

It would be more interesting to get Wilson’s take on it if he had actually watched True Detective, but it’s still refreshing to see some support out there. You can read the entire interview over at Digital Spy, which also touches on Wilson’s writing and the return of Zealander.

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