True Detective Season Three: Would a Switch to Snow be “Too Fargo?”


Fargo, the one-time rival of True Detective, will be returning in less than two weeks for its second season. Fargo heavily features snow, something which has not yet been seen on True Detective. The draft of the first episode for the first season actually had snow in it, but that was later cut out in favor of the Louisiana setting. In order to change the game a bit for True Detective season three, a new setting is in order.

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At this pointer, however, maybe snow isn’t the way to go. Fargo has not yet fallen in the eyes of the public the way that True Detective has, so a snowy setting may be seen as True Detective season three trying to play catchup. That wouldn’t exactly go over to well, especially with those that are already critical of season two.

The last thing we want is for True Detective season three to reignite the old silly rivalry. That may happen anyway if they both show up at the Emmys next year, but it would be in True Detective season three’s best interest to avoid it. The race between the two last year was tight, but in its current state True Detective would not be able to measure up.

True Detective season three has to strike out on its own, and using a snowy setting wouldn’t be a great way to do that. As great as it could potentially look on-screen, comparisons to Fargo would be inevitable. Somewhere Nic Pizzolatto is working on, or has already solved, the True Detective season three setting issue.

For the sake of season three, hopefully it doesn’t involve any snow.

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