Spend Your Friday Reading the Original Script of True Detective’s First Episode


There are many ways to kill time on a Friday. In case you’re running out, however, we’ve got you covered. Just want to make to the long weekend? Spend the rest of your day reading the script to the first True Detective episode. If you really want to make it work, gather some friends and do a table-read. That last part is optional, but still one we support.

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There are enough differences to at least warrant a good skim. Season one was originally going to take place in Arkansas instead of Louisiana. A snow-covered Arkansas, at that. The season also had the subtitle “The Long Bright Dark,” which eventually just became the name of the episode. Considering that seasons of True Detective are so different, a subtitle might have actually not been such a bad idea.

Although the overall plot is pretty much the same, it’s still interesting to see all of the little changes. Not that a complete change could be described as “little.” What sort of headlines would we have seen if True Detective kept the snowy setting while it was airing alongside Fargo? Unfortunately, (or fortunately) we’ll never know.

True Detective has not yet explored a cold, or even mild climate. Season two took place in and around L.A, and you’re obviously not really going to see any snow out there. With season three rumored to take place in Europe, maybe Pizzolatto will take that opportunity to explore rain, or the heavy feeling of humidity right before it rains. There are so many options.

You can read the entire script right here.

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