Cary Fukunaga Says That Beasts of No Nation was More Difficult Than True Detective


Cary Fukunaga may be finished with True Detective — at least for now — but it that continues to haunt him. In almost every interview that Fukunaga has given since departing True Detective after the first season, he gets asked about his work on the series. Now that he’s out promoting his new film, Beasts of no Nation, there doesn’t seem to be any escape for him.

Well, that’s better for us.

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In a piece for The Guardian, Cary Fukunaga talks about the grueling work that went into creating Beats of no Nation. It turns out that, even though he’s not thrilled about directing another season of television, his new film was no cakewalk:

"“After True Detective, I thought nothing could be as hard as that, and Beasts eclipsed it…There just wasn’t enough money and enough time in a country that isn’t used to hosting a film production like ours…So things that you take for granted like food, transport and hotels became an issue.”"

It turns out that shooting movie in Gana isn’t a picnic. Fukunaga also says that they were “losing and stuff and thing were getting stolen.” The difficulties of shooting Beasts of no Nation may have informed Fukunaga’s recent comments that he would be open to returning to True Detective someday. It would certainly seem easier now by comparison.

Cary Fukunaga also goes details the difficulties that resulted from trying to get Idris Elba on board. Those interested in Beasts of no Nation would do well to check out the full piece over at The Guardian.

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