Cary Fukunaga Would Consider Returning to True Detective Someday


The saga of director Cary Fukunaga and True Detective has had many twists and turns, and that doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. Fukuanga departed True Detective after the first season, ostensibly to never return. Well, now that may not be so clear anymore.

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Cary Fukunaga has been promoting his new film, Beasts of no Nation, and naturally he has been getting bombarded by True Detective questions. It’s only natural, as True Detective gave Fukunaga’s career a serious boost. Vulture recently did a cover piece on him, and while admitting that he had not watched season two, he also made it clear that his relationship with True Detective was over.

Outside of getting an Executive Producer credit for every season going forward, that is.

While speaking to the New York Daily News about Beasts of no Nation, Cary Fukunaga expounded on his statement that he had not watched season two:

"“It wasn’t my story, my story was done as a director…My characters no longer took part…Had they been a continuation of my two guys…maybe I would have felt differently, but because it’s an anthology and every season is different, it does feel like a separate entity.”"

The takeaway here is that Fukunaga’s interest in True Detective ended the moment he left. That’s not difficult to understand — he spent months working with a specific set of characters and therefore has no personal investment in the new cast.

Fukunaga also said it’s in his best interest for the show to continue, but the juicy bit came at the end when asked if he would be open to returning in the future:

"“Who knows?…I certainly had fun making it.”"

That’s the most open response that Cary Fukunaga has given so far when it comes to him returning to True Detective. It could have been said with an exasperated shrug after being asked the same question so many times, but there’s no reason believe that it couldn’t ever happen. The danger comes from believing that it would have to happen in order for future seasons to be any good.

That’s definitely a line of thinking that should be avoided.

Next: The True Detective season two home release is coming early next year.

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