Site News: Calling all True Detective Halloween Costumes


It’s October, and we’re ten days away from Halloween. That means it’s about time to make a call for True Detective Halloween costumes. Between now and a few days after Halloween, we’ll be collecting the best True Detective costumes we can find. We’ll show off the best ones, so if you or someone you know plans on going as a True Detective character, we’d love to see it.

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We’re interested in all True Detective related costumes, so don’t be shy if you plan on rocking our Rust again this year. Frankly, it was surprising the first time around just how many people dressed up as True Detective characters, especially considering that there’s nothing particularly interesting about the costumes used on the show.

This will also serve as a sort of unofficial test to gauge how season two is sitting with fans a few months after the finale. Someone out there has to be going as the Crow Man, right? Frank also wouldn’t be a bad idea, but Ray does have that mustache and bolo tie. It feels as if there are a few more good choices this time around.

You don’t need to reply to this post to show off your costume. We can be reached on Twitter and Facebook at any time, so don’t be shy. We want to see some great costumes this year, so get the word out!

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