Rolling Stone Ranks True Detective as one of the Best Horror Shows


It’s fall, but not only is it fall, it’s also Halloween season. That means everyone and their brother is putting together Halloween-style lists. That’s not something that True Detective is usually involved with, as it’s difficult to pin the show down as “horror.” Going back to the first season, however, it becomes apparent that there are some horror elements present.

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It’s those very elements that prompted Rolling Stone to list True Detective as one of their “25 Best Horror Shows of All Time.” It may be a bit of a surprise, but for a show with a character known as The Yellow King, maybe it does fit after all. There is no mention of season two in Rolling Stone’s blurb about the series, which isn’t very surprising.

For those curious, True Detective comes in at number six, sandwiched between and modern Twilight Zone-esque Black MirrorTrue Detective lacks many of the supernatural elements that the other series on the list have, but its “backwoods serial killers” and cult overtones are enough for it to rank higher than The Walking Dead. Somehow.

Other shows that make the cut include NBC’s canceled masterpiece, Hannibal, Tales of the Crypt, and Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? Truly scary stuff. The horror elements in True Detective are not usually something that get all that much attention, so it’s at least nice to see it excel in that arena.

Speaking of Halloween and True Detective, we’re looking to see some great costumes this year. Shameless plug? Perhaps. But make it so.

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