Vince Vaughn to Star in Heavy Murder Drama with Forest Whitaker


The direction that Vince Vaughn’s career will take has been the big question heading out of True Detective’s second season. He hasn’t quite experience the same revival that Matthew McConaughey did after taking on the role of Rust Cohle, but being in True Detective has re-opened Vince Vaughn’s horizons. In fact, it may be directly responsible for some of the dramas that he’s signed on to recently.

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According to Enertainent Weekly, Vaughn will co-star with Forest Whitaker in The Archbishop and the Antichrist, in which he’ll play Piet Blomfield, a South African murderer. The movie is based on the true story of Blomfield and the bishop that he confessed his sins to. So, yeah, a real good time.

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Even though Vaughn ha been moving into drama lately, including a role in Mel Gibson’s WW II flick, he hasn’t left comedy behind — Vaughn will also be starring in a new comedy written by Seth Rogen. The more dramas that Vaughn can take on, the less he’ll be type-casted in comedies. Outside of some clunky writing, True Detective proved that Vince Vaughn can once again hack it as a dramatic actor.

This film feels like just the thing to showcase Vaughn’s dramatic talents. Not only will he be co-starring, but he will effectively be playing the villain. Albeit, a villain looking for some sort of spiritual redemption, but that doesn’t change much. If there’s one thing that can be better than a dramatic Vince Vaughn, it’s a villainous one.

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It will be some time before we hear more about The Archbishop and the Antichrist, but we’re excited to see how it turns out.