You Can Watch a Clip of the Making of the Crazy True Detective Season Two Shootout (Video)


The Blu-Ray/DVD release of True Detective season two will come in January, but small clips have already started appearing online. The first season of True Detective didn’t offer a wealth of behind the scenes content, as clips were usually no more than several minutes. Until now, there was no reason to think that season two would be any different.

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The Wall Street Journal has gotten their hands on an “exclusive clip” of the making of the shootout that left just about everyone dead except for Ray, Ani, and Paul. Well, it’s about as exclusive as a You Tube video could ever possibly be. The full making of feature will run for a half hour, hopefully giving fans every detail about the dramatic scene.

You can watch a clip of of it below:

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In the clip, Nic Pizzolatto speaks about wanting to film a realistic action sequence instead of a stylized one. Also, spoiler alert: it was hell to shoot. The production team had to dismantle the scene several times and plan out every last detail.

It could be argued that both seasons of True Detective had their own stand-out action sequences: the famous tracking shot in season one and now the Vinci shootout.

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Considering all the work that went into producing not only the making of feature, but also the scene itself, it will be interesting to see what the other special features will look like. It’s likely that this will be the centerpiece of the set, which is why it’s being hyped so early.