Matthew McConaughey Will be a Koala in New Animated Film


Matthew McConaughey has been getting around lately. His post True Detective projects have run the gamut from independent fare like Sea of Trees, to major blockbusters such as Interstellar. Now he’s going to do something totally different, further proving that the power of the the McConaissance knows no bounds.

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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Matthew McConaughey will star as a koala in Dreamworks’ new animated movie, Sing. McConaughey will play a character named Buster Moon, who will try his luck around by holding a singing competition at his ailing theater. It is a decidedly different take on animal movies than Colin Farrell’s The Lobster.

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Sing was close to becoming McConaughey’s first animated film, but according to IMDB that specific honor will be taken by a stop-motion movie called Kubo and the Seven StringsKubo doesn’t have the pedigree of Sing, so it wouldn’t be surprising if that one flies under the radar. With Matthew McConaughey’s southern drawl and unique way of speaking, it’s puzzling that he’s never been in an animated movie before.

Unfortunately, since this will be a family movie, there is very little likelihood of there being a True Detective joke in there. With that in mind, it’s a good thing that McConaughey will be hosting SNL later this month so we’ll be able to get all of those True Detective jokes out of our system.

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Matthew McConaughey shows no signs of slowing down, and he’s been diversifying his resume just as much — if not more — than Vince Vaughn.