True Detective’s Alexandra Daddario Taking to Baywatch


Alexandra Daddario, unlike director Cary Fukunaga, received a sizable career boost from True Detective season one. She starred in disaster flick San Andreas, had a neat little cameo in both The Last Man on Earth and American Horror Story. She will now be continuing her film career by taking on one of the most, shall we say, notable, television series in history.

It’s Baywatch, folks.

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Alexandra Daddario will take the female lead in Baywatch, according to Deadline, which pins her as the love interest of Zac Efron. Baywatch isn’t exactly known for its high-quality acting or storytelling, but none of that should matter when it comes to making an exciting summer blockbuster. Speaking of Summer, that will also be the name of her character.

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It feels a bit as if there is some typecasting going on here, which is a shame since Daddario was a bit more than a sex symbol in True Detective. Daddario’s career has certainly taken off, but it would be nice to see her in more serious or dramatic fair. Or maybe even just something a bit more highbrow.

She did, however, make a certain GQ list. Perhaps that makes her a good choice for something like Baywatch. Baywatch will likely offer harmless warm-weather fun, and there’s not really anything wrong with that. Whether or not it will meet Chandler’s standards, however, has yet to be seen.

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Fans of Baywatch will unfortunately be waiting a while, as the new film won’t be released until 2017. Alexandra Daddario will be joined not only by Zac Efron, but also The Rock.