Matthew McConaughey Didn’t Bring his True Detective Game to SNL


When word came in that Matthew McConaughey would be hosting Saturday Night Live, it felt as if it was a forgone conclusion that there would be at least one True Detective joke. Or skit. Or, well, anything, really. True Detective fans tuning in last night to watch McConaughey host SNL for the second time unfortunately came away disappointed.

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To Matthew McConaughey’s credit, it’s not as if it he did a poor job or that the overall skits weren’t good. It was just a missed opportunity, plain and simple. Not only did Saturday Night Live choose to skip over True Detective, they also chose to not poke fan at McConaughey’s ridiculous awesome Lincoln commercials. Granted, that’s already been done, but to have the man there and not bring it up is such a shame.

Something like a Jim Carrey cameo would have been perfect, but perhaps from a logistical standpoint that wasn’t going to work out. The first season of True Detective still stands as the only season that just about everyone can agree on is great. Just because it aired almost two years ago doesn’t mean there still wasn’t futile ground there.

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In terms of what’s currently popular, however, perhaps it made more sense to go with a Star Wars skit. With True Detective currently in hibernation mode — at least until Nic Pizzolatto makes a decision — True Detective isn’t exactly the topic on everyone’s minds. But was having Matthew McConaughey revisit Dazed and Confused the best option?

To summarize: no Lincoln spoof, no True Detective skit. All in all, it was an average episode of Saturday Night Live that didn’t come through for True Detective fans.

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Maybe if Vince Vaughn ever hosts we’ll get the SNL True Detective skit we all deserve.