True Detective is Headed to Record Store Day


The True Detective soundtrack will be released on vinyl for Record Store Day.

Last August, HBO finally deigned to release the long-awaited True Detective soundtrack. While it featured great songs from both seasons, it ultimately favored season two. The artwork was also a dead giveaway. At the time, the soundtrack received just about no publicity. That actually holds true for today, as HBO has made it clear that it just wanted to get the True Detective soundtrack out the door.

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Fans who held out, or even fans who think of themselves as serious fans, have some potential good news. The official True Detective soundtrack will be released for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event. The Black Friday event is something like a mini Record Store Day, but still gets plenty of exclusive releases. If you’re going to spend a ton of money on deals all day, why not make some of that vinyl?

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Besides being in the vinyl format, the release doesn’t add anything or differentiate itself in any way from the original. There are no exclusive tracks, and the artwork appears to be the same. The vinyl release will come on two records, so it may be a 180 gram release.

If some of this sounds like nonsense, let’s do a quick catchup: vinyl is back, and Record Store Day features exclusive, frequently limited releases.

While the True Detective soundtrack vinyl is labeled as exclusive, there’s no reason to believe that it will be limited. The exclusive releases tend to be titles that are released specifically on Record Store Day, but later end up as wider releases.

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Still, if you want to get your hands on the True Detective vinyl as soon as possible, make sure to pencil in a trip to your local record store on Friday.

Via: Reddit