Peer Into the True Detective Coffee Cup and Never be the Same (Video)


A fan has created a True Detective short film of what actually goes on in a cup of coffee.

The first season of True Detective continues to inspire fans years after airing, including a recent fan crossover between Hannibal and True Detective.  The second season of True Detective has gotten some love as well, but nowhere near the amount of season one.

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That can be attributed to a few things, but the number one reason would have to be that season one has Rust Cohle and season two does not. Sometimes things are just that simple.

YouTube user Jason McCann took the philosophy of True Detective and expertly applied it in a “short film” that’s less than thirty seconds long. In “Jason Sees the Universe and His TRUE SELF in His Cup of Coffee: THE FILM,” True Detective is taken to its David Lynch-iest:

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Coffee is serious business, so never discount the possibility of the coffee epiphany. The video is somehow funny, poignant, and even a little disturbing. Peer into the coffee and see Rust staring back at you. Freaky stuff, man.

True Detective season two doesn’t have anything like Rust and his hallucinations that peer into the unknown. Of course, that particular plot line never really goes anywhere and adds very little.

It’s impressive that all of this can effectively come across in a clip that is actually less than thirty seconds long. Any longer and the idea might have overstayed its welcome. At this length it’s perfect. Next time you drink your morning cup of coffee, make sure to swirl it around and think of Rust.

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Via: Reddit