True Detective Season Two Didn’t Make it to the SAG Awards


The nominations for the SAG awards were released today, and True Detective didn’t make it.

Let’s start off by saying that it’s impossible to overstate how little of a surprise this is. Season two of True Detective didn’t do so hot, and it’s now making the rounds of the year-end worst lists of 2015. All in all, it’s not the least bit surprising that True Detective didn’t make the cut for the SAG nominations that were announced today.

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The usual slate of shows made the nominations, including shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and even Mad Men’s final season. True Detective is nowhere to be found. The overall feeling right now, which is so prevalent that it’s practically palpable, is that season two just wasn’t good.

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High critical reception isn’t always necessary to be nominated for an award, but it does go a long way. Individual actors and other aspects, such as a title sequence, of a show or film can still score nominations even if it didn’t score well with either the critics or the public. Unfortunately that’s not the case here, and so True Detective will be sitting out the first major award ceremony of 2016.

Awards are still by and large a popularity contest. That’s not all that goes into it, but it’s a major part. If True Detective season two being snubbed by the SAG awards is the start of trend, it’s going to be difficult for True Detective to make the Emmy’s next year.

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Which is a serious shame, considering that there are still award-worthy aspects of True Detective season two to be found. Of course, you’d have to be willing to see them in the first place.

Via: Variety