HBO Should Speak up About True Detective Season Three


The status of True Detective season three isn’t clear, but it’s about time to set the record straight.

Depending on who you ask, True Detective season three is happening. If you were to ask HBO, you would likely receive a typical non-comment or something along the lines of “we’re assessing our options.” Nic Pizzolatto would also probably give a similar answer. True Detective producer Steve Golin, on the other hand, hasn’t been too keen to play the same games.

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What we’re waiting on right now is just the official go ahead. We know from past interview that HBO wants to do it, and we know that HBO gave Nic Pizzolatto several options for moving forward with True Detective season three. Season two of True Detective has been off the air for about four months. Now is the time to come clean.

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Season two may not be nominated for a SAG award, but what fans want now is to look forward to True Detective season three. The actors themselves certainly haven’t been interested in speaking about their time on True Detective season two, so it will do no good to dwell on it at this point.

HBO is likely waiting for the opportune moment to announce their plans. If they’re going to do so before the end of the year, there are only a few short weeks left to do so. It may be a forgone conclusion that True Detective season three will exist, but HBO’s silence on the matter is frustrating.

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Not that fans aren’t used to being frustrated by HBO and True Detective’s extreme secrecy by now.